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How to Apply

IMPORTANT: If you are reapplying - please make sure you have sent your grant report for a previous grant or your application may not be considered until you have done so.

At present, the Trust considers grants twice in the year and should be received on or before the 30th April or 2nd January each year. Decisions may take around six weeks from the deadline to be notified.

Applications should be made in the form available on this website and submitted to the Trust Secretary by email in Word (or other text document), with only enclosures required as per the guidelines referred to in the Application.


You will need to also send a recent bank statement (within 3 months). Any other documentation such as brochures and reports should not be sent to the Trust. You need only send accounts if these are not available from Charity Commission or Companies House websites.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are using the most up-to-date form and guidelines so it is best to download these from this website and not to edit previously downloaded or submitted forms.

To make sure your application has arrived by email, you can ask for a receipt of delivery from the Trust Secretary. If a delivery receipt has not been received within a couple of days contact the Secretary again to confirm safe arrival of your application.  

The Trust Secretary may require further information or elaboration in relation to any Application. Failure to assist may lead to the Application being deferred or declined.

Applicants are expected to make full and fair disclosure of all relevant details sought in the Application Form and in addition should draw to the attention of the Trust any facts or circumstances known or anticipated by the Applicant, which it would reasonable to suppose that that a grant or loan making body would wish to know about. It is important that Applications are made in an open and transparent manner and in good faith. 

Applications are first considered by a Sub-Committee, which gives consideration to each Application, reports on same and makes recommendations to the full Committee.  The full Committee considers the Sub-Committee’s reports in relation to Applications and their recommendation and determines whether financial assistance will be made. In each case, the decision is made by the full Committee, which is free to depart from the recommendation of the Sub-Committee. The decision of the Committee in relation to any Application is final.

The Secretary shall communicate the decision of the Committee to each Applicant. The Secretary shall also follow up any requirements or conditions imposed by the Committee, for example requirements for further information, assurances or undertakings before assistance is given. 

Applicants are required not to canvass any member of the Sub-Committee or Committee in support of their Application. All communication should be directed through the Secretary preferably by email and a call back can be requested if necessary. 

If an Applicant has any complaint about a decision of the Committee, the same should be made in writing, setting out the grounds to the Secretary or if for any reason that is not appropriate, to the Chairman of the Trust. It is, however, at the discretion of the Committee of the Trust as to how any complaint is addressed.  

It is a requirement that any successful Applicant complies in full with the Trust’s Standard Conditions of Grant and any specific conditions attached. Successful applicants are required to send a report to the Secretary of the Trust on how the grant has been spent. This report must be submitted within one year of receiving the grant.

You can download a copy of the Trust's application pack here:
Application Status


Currently Open.

Next deadlines are 30th April 2024 and 2nd January 2025. Decisions typically in March.

Application PACK (Word)

VHT Report Form (Word)

You must email your application by either of the deadlines for consideration at the next committee meeting. Postal applications are not considered.

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